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Chimney Cleaning

While chimney cleaning was once a dirty and painstaking process for both the sweep and the homeowner, with modern tools and procedure we are able to make your appointment clean and painless for everyone involved. 

How will the cleaning process work?

When we arrive for service, we'll enter the home to check the system prior to bringing in any equipment. We kindly ask that you have ample space cleared in front of the fireplace or whatever appliance we may be servicing. We also kindly ask that you do not burn within 24hrs of a chimney cleaning. 


We place a drop cloth, and utilize a HEPA vacuum as well as the chimney's natural draft to contain any loose dust or debris. Our method of cleaning is commonly known as a "rotary" sweep, and it is much more effective than the traditional "plunger" method.

We guarantee a thorough sweep & a clean process for your home!

Creosote & Soot Buildup

Creosote is a hazardous byproduct of inappropriate burning habits. It is essential for our fireplace systems that only dry, hard wood is used. Materials like wet wood, pine, waxy magazine papers, etc. burn at too low of a temperature and cause incomplete combustion. When this happens, the byproducts of our fuel are deposited into the chimney into this tar like buildup. Because of its gooey consistency, it tends to saturate into the pores of our chimney structure. 

Creosote buildup is by far the most common cause of chimney fire, and mitigating is presence is essential for safe heating. 

The first step towards removing creosote by performing a standard chimney sweep. Once all the loose soot is removed, we can prescribe a treatment for removing via chemical procedure. 


Chimney Caps

We offer a wide array off chimney caps. From standard single flue caps, to damper caps, to custom multi-flue caps. Keep critters, rain, snow, and other debris from entering your chimney with a proper cap today!

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